How to correct the answer to a 'circle' question in AM

Hello guys. Hope you are all fine post the exam. Actually I feel anxious these days cuz I don’t know whether I did correct my answers to a few of circle questions in an appropriate or acceptable manner.

As an example: I circled B but later found C should be the most correct answer. I then drew tiny lines along the circular edge outside B (I wish you could understand what I mean) and of course made another perfect circle outside C.

Would you plz kindly give me some advice on this? Big thanks and … best of luck for us!

As long as its clear. I had to change answers twice. This is what i did. I also wrote down “answer choice” next to an arrow.

I put an X on my incorrect answer

I write DO NOT GRADE with arrows pointing to the answer I don’t want graded and then GRADE followed by more arrows to the answer I do want graded.

I’ve got a bigger conundrum.

I wrote my original answer in the wrong box. And then circled it and then pointed to the correct box.

I then put my answer in the same box. So there are 2 answers in one box, with a circle around one of them pointing to the other box.

Any insight into how they grade this?

Hi 125mph: Big big big thanks for your reply! I tried to change my answers in the way you drew on the picture (but without arrows and/or more clarifications which I agree could have made things more clear)

I wish the grader may understand and give me points. T^T

Yes thanks. But I didn’t show any arrows or words (like GRADE or DO NOT GRADE) on my answer sheet. I do hope the grader would be fine with what I marked.

Hi foshizzle: I understand what you mean but not sure whether this could be acceptable. I think this may depend on the judgment of the grader. Good luck on us!

Is it OK to circle with pencil and write down the answers in black ink pen?

I’d suggest using scissors or a pocket knife to cut the incorrectly circled answer from the template. That way there’s no mistaking that you didn’t intend that to be your answer.

Acid would work, too.

But that would violate the code of ethics by removing a portion of the exam booklet, isn’t master? :wink:

Hi S2000: That sounds awesome. But those instruments are in fact not allowed in the venue T^T

I think they should have designed all circle questions similar to multiple choices (e.g. can just write down A/B/C/D)

whoa…what i done is only double strike the previous circle, and make another circle on new answer.

Chisel-tip Sharpie marker.

Redact that .

I scribbled out my previous answer like a madman and circled what I thought was the correct answer like 10 times…not the most clean approach but think the grader will understand (hopefully)

Rumor has it that the graders aren’t complete imbeciles.

Ha! Rumor sounds right - I meant more that I hope the grader can see through my maniacal circling, scratching out, re-circling, etc.

Anyone else scribble out an answer, circle the opposite answer, then go back to the original answer by scribbling out the second answer, rewriting the original answer choice next to the scribble and circling it? I did that multiple times