how to correct ?

if I circle the wrong answer with the ball pen in the exam?

you guys always circle the right one?

i got these amazing magic pens from CVS. they are ink and they can be erased with the eraser on the cap. go check it out dude.

will do

True story. I wrote some stuff with these pens and went back to look at it about a month later. Half of the ink was barely legible. It was very faded.

alfred, In doing the 2007 exam today, I circled, uncircled by x-ing out, and then recircled the same word. Made me think exactly the same thing as you. In the end, I rewrote the word and circled it, and completely scribbled out the other ones. I figured that made it obvious enough. Also, same exam, I wrote a complete answer to part C in the template for part B and for part B, I forgot to use the template. If I do this on the real thing, I’m going to say “see previous page” then go back at the end and copy it out again in the right place.

same here, hope we’ll all remember to use the template in the real exam