How to deal with a bully

My nephew is getting bullied. How do I teach him to man up? My strategy is to teach him how to make fun of the kid. Moms in the pta apparently. Kids fat. Should be easy. Get friends that are not betas to back him up and gang up on the kid verbally. And to get my sister to complain to the teacher that way it’s on file and if he is caught fighting back. He’ll get punished. Lastly teach him how to do well in basketball and just demolish that kid. I’m also in favor of having him use his taekwando and chuck crap at the kid. He took lessons, so might as well. I think a three pronged attack is good. Which moves creates the best virtuous cycle of resolving this issue. How do I teach him to have a killer top g common tate w mentality?

childhood memories?

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You teach him that a bigger man walks away until he’s cornered and has to physically defend himself. When it’s time to defend himself, cause as much damage as possible because he’ll get suspended anyway.

Bullies generally just mimic behavior they receive at home, so trying to trade verbal jabs will just make it worse.

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Get him into a bjj dojo. Taekwondo is garbage, and I know, I have a black belt in it and do bjj now. Its much better.


He just needs to take the boy’s mother out for a nice seafood dinner, then never call her again.

Bullies are devasted when you stand up to them.

Step #1 - Ask the bully to stop bullying.
Step #2 - Ask the bully to stop bullying, but this time, do it in front of a teacher.
Step #3 - Beat the ever-living dog sht out of the bully. No need to be fair. Sneaking up behind him is fine. Low blows are fine. I just wouldn’t use any weapons or do anything that could cause serious long-term damage (like eye gouging). But he needs to do to get the point across that “Don’t fck with me anymore, or you’ll get more of the same. And if you take your azz-beating now, there won’t be any more.”

This is what I tell my fourth-grade son. Ribbing and bullying are a part of life, especially as a kid. And you just have to take some of it. But there does come a time when you have to stand up for yourself. I wish I had done it more when I was younger.

Put the kid in a BJJ club.


Um…is that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Haha. Yes @Destroyer_of_Worlds