How to deal with Jumpy resume

I used to be in High Tech, so it is pretty common to change jobs frequently. Now I have 6 jobs in 10 years. Though my responsiblity and salaries are increasing, some recruiters did mention that my resume is too jumpy. What should I do to explain this away? Is it really that damaging?

Were you freelancing or consulting?


not a big deal, I did like 4 gigs in 3 years - just explain why it happened and mention its an industry norm - you need to convey that what THEY offer is WHAT you ARE looking for and planning to stay long term…

I have had the same problem. It is damaging. And even more so just because you think it is. Your best bet, in my opinion, is to emphasis the parallel to consultancy and to focus mainly on networking your way to your next job and not so much on using recruiters. If someone you know is hiring you, he/she knows of your background and you needn’t explain - they want you for your skills. Also: write a functional cv rather than a chronological whenever possible (it’s for instance not possible on those websites where you fill in a form). If you’d like, you could post an e-mail address here and we’ll discuss.