How to determine risk ability

ok i’m sure we all know the grid that has young/middle/old and not wealthy/prosperous/sig NW/wealthy using this as a guideline, how do we determine what circumstances result in a reduction of risk. obviously willingness so let’s exclude that. but what about portfolio demands? let’s use a very basic hypothetical scenario(s): 50 yr old couple, $3m in bank: scenario 1. He works makes $100k, they spend all of it…dont save, dont draw from portfolio. i would default to the chart and say aggressive (middle age, sig NW). scenario 2. same as above but they spend $150k so they need to draw $50k. This is minimal so again I’d say aggressive. scenario 3. He is retired and they spend $100k. adj for inflation (3%) = 6.3%. borderline (reduce to average?) scenario 4. same as 3 but they spend $150k. that is a 5% withdrawal plus if you want 3% inflation i’d say that warrants a reduction of risk to average. scenario 5. same as 3 but spend $200k. 6.67% withdrawal plus need 3% inflation…you’re at 10%. That’s high. are we below average now? But if we’re below avg, then 10% is probably unattainable. Are we at education to reduce spending and risk?