How to find 2 sponsors for the charter application?

hello. I have passed the level 3 exam. But I don’t know any charter holders and currently between jobs. I just came to NYC. How do I find those sponsors? Do I need to find a job first?

Don’t need a Charterholder. Just three professional references (which should be no problem if you have enough experience). Alternatively you can go with two references if one is a member of your local society.

well, it looks like I need to look for 3 reference now.

As Geo wrote above, you need 3 if none are charterholders.

go to CFAI and read the instructions or call them

thanks a lot

it clear things up.

Since you are now in NYC, contact NYSSA and find out when their next event is and see if you can attend. Make it a point to talk to as many people there as possible and see if you can line up some sponsors.

If you cannot get sufficient sponsors, you’re simply not trying hard enough.

I’m off to a CFAOC (Orange County, CA) dinner tonight; I know that there will be 50 – 100 people there who would be happy to sponsor a new candidate; NYSSA cannot be all that much different.

the magician has spoken.

Only one need to be a Charterholder.

Another sponsor is your current employer.

About the CFA charterholder sponsor.

I called an analyst (name on the report) covering my past employer, met, no probs whatsoever.

^ That’s the way it used to work. Now you can have three non-Charterholders.

It is odd, though. As a sponsor, you are supposed to attest that what is written on the candidates’ application is true (particularly claims about work experience). How do you do that responsibly if you’ve just met the guy yesterday??

I agree bchad. I also question how someone that really has 4 years of experience influencing investment decision making has no one that can vouch for that.


Not saying I would sponsor him, but there are plenty of folks who would. You have to be 21 to drink most places in the US (if not all now), but I had no problems finding someone to buy me beer when I was 18.

Easily. Just look beyond the PM / IB at a major financial institution

actually my sponsor was buying me drinks, not vv)))