How to find target stock price

I freely admit that I am no security analyst, and I have no idea where stock prices are headed–neither individual stocks nor in the aggregate.

But occasionally (like today), I am asked by a client, “I own 3,000 shares of ABC company, and it represents 90% of my investment holdings. Should I sell it now, or wait until it hits $X?”

Now, I believe a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, so my advice is almost universally “sell, diversify, and don’t ever look back”. But I really need some type of smart, CFA-type investment guru to give me a target price, for no reason other than to NOT get sued.

Where can I find this kind of information without paying a bazillion dollars for a subscription that I will rarely (if ever) use? I know Morningstar offers it with Morningstar Advisor Workstation, but I’m not paying three grand a year just to get a buy/sell/hold recommendation once every few months.

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Obligatory Simpsons meme

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your broker should have free research reports

Bro, easy. Just google search for ticker TGT.

You’re welcome.

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I like for this type of insight, here is an example using apple but use whatever stock you like:

Gives you a price target with high/low recommendation with insight into the analysts. A legit source and doesn’t cost a dim :ok_hand:

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Price targets are just the current price increased by 10% or 20%, depending if you are equal weight or over weight :smiley:

I think honestly you just have to make sure no recent extreme catalyst has happened or going to happen. For example, I wouldn’t just sell it all when COVID happened a week ago.

I use

It will show you the target price of analysts, and the average target price of all analysts
Example: ARRY Stock Forecast, Price Targets and Analysts Predictions - TipRanks

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This looks really good, appears to have global coverage