How to find the LOS?

Hi, I’m doing the CFA exam 2002, one of the question I did wrongly, and the answer says LOS: Study Session 1–-2–-V Reference: Standards of Practice Handbook, 8th ed., pp. 145–149. What does this “1-2-V” mean? how can I find the corresponding LOS? Thank you! ps. the question is: 8. Susan Roberts, CFA, a portfolio manager for Howard Investment Counsel, received a call from Michael Moore, an institutional broker. Moore called to recommend buying Megamove, an obscure stock traded over-the-counter, as a takeover candidate. In the past, Moore has demonstrated an ability to pick takeover candidates. If she buys the stock, is Roberts violating the AIMR Standards of Professional Conduct involving trading on material nonpublic information? A. No. B. Yes, because Roberts did not research the stock herself. C. Yes, because Roberts is receiving confidential information. D. Yes, because Moore and his sources are breaching fiduciary duty and are receiving personal benefits as a result.

up. Can anyone pls help? Thank you very much!

the books are always changing, the los change every year, over 6 years im sure lots of got mixed up

im guessing the answer is B , whats the correct answer

answer is A, she violated Standard, but not about “material nonpublic information”.