How to get into Tech Giants?

was wondering if anyone had any advice either from recruiters, personal experience, or friend. regarding how to get into the Tech companies like google, apple, fb, etc etc without having an MBA.

Seems like most of those companies want fixed income analysts + cfa but those jobs are very few. doesn’t seem like CFA in the investment profession would map over to easily to other positions in the tech companies. like their finance analyst positions.

I feel like people are still looking for MBA for those positions?

any feedback or info would be appreciated

From what I’ve seen, it helps to have an MBA from Stanford or similar schools. It also helps if you have a recommendation from a current employee. Google, for instance, has a system that allows current employees to tag job applicants as referrals.

Generally MBA yes. A good school is the admission ticket in.

Otherwise, referrals are your next best bet.