How to get job in to hedge fun as entry level and what is requirement

Need Career Advice. how to get the job into the hedge fund analyst

check out this link, was very helpful to me


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Invest $50 million of your dad’s money, you will be partner for sure.

try to find a warm connection through your school network and, assuming the hedge fund still exists at this point, apply through the internal referral channel.

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find a fund with less than 100m aum and ask your pops to invest 10m into it. no discount on mgmt and incentive of course but in return they hire you as junior analyst. even then you’d most likely go into ops as junior trader role…basically filling in and calling in trade orders with the sell side brokers (traders).

no one wants to spend time an hour or 2 a day teaching, guiding, mentoring you on how to read 10k, earnings calls, proforma, valuations, etc…

they simply put you in with trader and off you go in couple days…you turn around and say to your friends that you’re a trader moving the market with each keystroke on your BBG keyboard.

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still Level 1 candidate?? you gotta really master that LIFO FIFO calculations hahaha…super useful in real life in high finance jobs!! go get em kiddo