how to get out of this vicious thinking cycle?

So, I am first-timer for L3. I even have work experience approved. All I need is to pass L3 to get my charter.

I happily finished the syllabus last week. As I started revising, there is a personal situation that developed and has got me really distracted. Past few days I haven’t been able to study for even an hour! The problem is not that I have some active running here n there to do, it is just that my mind is too pre-occupied with this situation. I just can’t figure out how to overcome this and concentrate again. My sleep cycle has become unpredictable, too.

Any suggestions? Talking to others about the situation isn’t really helping. Hanging out in malls, spas are very temporary solutions for distraction. Just on my way back, I have the thoughts running again.

I dunno. If you don’t want to shed light on the personal situation, dunno if anyone can help here. Maybe while you’re dealing with the situation (mentally/physically), try to mix in some L3 concepts.

Bad timing on that situation to occur as things take time to get over.

I usually take a small break and do something I like. Like play a computer game maybe. Once I do that for 8-10 hours, I get bored of having “fun” and want to go back to studying.

Stop watching Jersey Shore if you want to stop thinking about the Situation.

Apply sterilizing cream once a day and your genitals should return to normal.

choke the chicken.

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