How to get through GIPS without banging your head on the desk??

What are the key points? Seems there are a lot of empty words. Is reading this section a value-add??

Skip it.

assuming GIPS lands on the PM section. assuming it’s 8 questions, and assuming you can guess correctly 1 in 3… it’s not too unrealistic to skip it given the sheer ton of things you have to memorize.

Hold up - 8 questions? L3’s PM section doesn’t adhere to the same format as L2 (6-question item sets)?

Yes, it’s 6-question item sets.

yes 6 questions, my bad I fat fingered that

phew! for moment i thought 8 questions per item set would mean 80 questions instead of 60.

Need to learn GIPS (at least the most testable items). A few questions can separate the winners and losers - especialy since L3 is a war among experienced and proven finance test takers.