How to get tougher ?

Then I would recommend sex. These 2 are the only ways known to me.

Illegal drugs are also said to work just fine.

You just have shallow problems.

Meh, still not as good as eating live snakes, amiright6?

^ here is the real question: would you rather get kicked repeatedly in the nutsack, get hit with a giant nutsack battering ram, and have your crotch smashed with a brick …OR…Eat a live snake?

some people pay good money to get testacle stomped w a stiletto. not me…other people.

If it isn’t poisonous I’d eat a live snake. I have eaten snakes before but they weren’t alive and they weren’t raw.

Meditation. Try a 10 day retreat. Its hard but it’ll strengthen your mind. Also, work out, eat right, get fit, and then have a hobby which you can improve at over time. Confidence comes from competence in things.

Like Robert deNeiro following Wesley Snipes? Got it.

You could possibly have developed an anxiety disorder. A benzodiazepine might help.