How to get tougher ?

Believe it or not I have become somewhat anxious and easy to irritate. Every single envelope/phone call that looks partly weird poses a threat until I have opened it, I constantly think that UCSIS has sent me a notification to get the f out of the country. My status is still pending, I don’t know what to do if I do get rejected , appeal and get a lawyer? Move to Canada? I am meditating 30 minutes a day , working out like a beast and do anything to take away the stress but still cannot f(cking sleep well at night.Any suggestions?

Follow Matthew McConaughey’s advice in The Wolf of Wall Street movie.

Are you familiar with Stoicism? Check out some videos on youtube or books from the library.

^ I am. The thing is the constant exposure to situations where you don’t know how the shit is gonna turn out really drains your energy.

Seriously, try to stay optimistic. Whatever happens, you will adapt and continue to move forward.

Canada will welcome you with open arms.

Get a fan.

I’m talking about something that blows air loudly because those help me sleep a lot. But you could also consider a person who follows you around and constantly praises you.

you need to become aware when your thoughts turn negative, in the moment it starts to happen. acknowledge the negative thought and emotion without attachment (just witness it, don’t judge it). Then make a conscious effort to elicit a counteracting positive thought.

when a negative trigger occurs, remind yourself to concentrate on full, relaxing breath. I like a 4 in,1 hold, 6 out, 1 hold breath pattern. when you get practiced at that you’ll be able to immediately activate your parasympathetic nervous response (rest & digest) which will relax you. that’ll create the space for you to put positive thoughts into your consciousness.

You gotta trust the process man, things always work out and it’s crazy in hindsight how neatly everything fits together. Worst case scenario, there’s always Canada, which is actually a pretty sweet scenario. Focus on constructive tasks.

This might sound lame, but when I am overwhelmed I sit down and imagine the worst case scenario and make a plan for it…like actually plan it all out, ducks in a row. Only thing that makes me feel better.

mix oxypowder with immodium

That would likely result in a rip in the space time continuum.

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These guys seem pretty tough.

Get a lame tattoo, like this one. (Will create a whole new set of problems that should distract you.)


I actually find this a pretty wise advice.

Isn’t there a religion that is based on that? Like making yourself indifferent to different outcomes and such ?

My advice is combat sports.

It’s going to sound weird but there is something about imposing your will on people that makes all the rest meaningless. Makes you feel like some predator.

Did Sambo for 7 years and Judo for 9, Currently a BJJ purple belt under a very respectable lineage.

Oh yeah, well when I was insolent, I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds.


Why? Just why?