How to get yourself to study for the GMAT

I recently passed level 2 of the CFA as a first timer and are now studying for the GMAT to hopefully score well enough to get into a top 5 MBA school. Yes, I am optimistic.

The problem is that studying for the GMAT is so retarded!! It’s all about learning different tricks and shortcuts for each exam question type. I enjoy studying for the CFA, because I can apply that knowledge to other areas of my career and life.

Besides getting into a top MBA school, does the GMAT offer any other value add to a person’s career? I just can’t study for more than 5 mins without thinking how much I despise the selection process for an MBA school. I am planning on studying for only a month before I take the GMAT since I don’t want to waste time studying for the level 3. Although the MBA would probably be better for my career ( I don’t have a job that requires the CFA ).

All comments are welcomed.

GMAT math is easy, but you still need to memorize a lot of shortcuts to save time. Verbal is a pain in the a** except for the CR. I would confess that I find these problems mind stimulating.You can memorize an answer/concept for a cfa question but you can’t do that for a GMAT problem.

Combine OG with Manhattan guide if you are struggling. They explain each concept/point really well.

  1. You shouldn’t need to study much, its an aptitude test. 2) The GMAT offers no value beyond grad school admissions.

It’s like totally retarded . How should I like study?

totally agree.

A high GMAT won’t get you into a top program; you need to score well across a number of characteristics: * GPA * Work experience * Recommendation Letters * Resume * Extracurricular Activities * Leadership * Essays * Race/Gender * GMAT * etc

but a low gmat will most likely exclude you from a top program?

Correct, as will bad essays, lack of quality work experience, lack of extracurriculars…

Nonsense; the grammar portion of the GMAT is invaluable learning. . You’ll meet lots of CFAs that can barely string together a sentence in english, but – because of the GMAT – the same is not true of top MBA graduates.

If you do score highly on the GMAT, please don’t put it on your resume. There were some people that I went to grad school with that did, and I wanted to punch them all in the face.

Exactly.Top schools’ adcoms give leeway on other factors but not Gmat. Get a score less than 700 and you will have to do something out of this world to convince them to take you. And now even 700 is considered a bit low, you have to get 750 or up to be competitive — I am talking about top 10 US business schools.

That’s because CFA clientele is more global. Also, not every top MBA graduates from an English medium business school.

Not by much. Something like 34% of candidates are from North America vs. about 40% of GMAT test takers.

GMAT score is more like a cutoff. if you are below 700, none of the top programs will bother looking at anything else in your application.

so not having good extra curriculars would be a pretty big barrier??

If so, a majority of IB analysts or McKinsey junior business analysts who got into competitive business schools would have had to lie, as I doubt that they had time to do anything other than work.

In general, I believe business schools when they say that they look at the whole picture and do not focus on any inidividual number or characteristic of the application. If someone graduated from the best undergraduate school with the best GPA, best GMAT, worked for the best company after that, and is clearly a future BSD, who cares if he did not spend 1 hour a week tutoring poor kids?

Wendy: I agree that studying for the Verbal section of the GMAT can considerably improve a person’s writing ability. Even if the section is designed to be part of a test, the content is quite useful.

OP: Do you want me to call the wahmbulance for you? If I had a penny for every 22-year-old who thinks they are The Shit, I would have… a lot of pennies. You can’t change the system, so spend your time studying, rather than complaining.

The verbal part will add value to your career.

First, congratulations on passing level II and I’m sure you will not have too much trouble getting a quality score on the GMAT.

I have a hard and fast rule about MBA: If your company requires a MBA to advance and will pay for it; get your MBA. If your company requires it and doesn’t pay for it; find a new job.

The time it takes to ace gmat is a joke compares to any level of the cfa on average. I’ve done both.

Depends on your definition of “acing” the GMAT… 720, 740, 760, 780, 800 ?