How to go about knowing ethics better, at this point

At this point would it be better to just reread ethics or would anwsering questions in the test bank help

My strategy is to answer as many Q’s from the test bank as I can and review any that I get wrong or was uncertain on.

Read the question carefully, think about an answer before you look at the answers and think from an investor’s standpoint. And go with your first instict. Atleast this is my strategy :slight_smile:

I think going through the Qs and their solution is the best strategy for now. Kindda late in the game to go back to the books to read and understand concepts. Just take as many Q/test s you can now and read the solutions and try them again later. Thats what I’m doing with Accounting. Good Luck

I’ve finally aced Ethics. Scoring in the 85-88% range. My advice from this point is to do as many practice questions as you can instead of trying to re-read ethics. Doing the practice questions helps to drive home the concepts. (so to speak) Anywho, it was my intent to master this section right away since there aren’t any calculations involved. :slight_smile: