How to handle knowing that you can't know it all!

This is just a venting comment and would like to see who can relate to this.

So I have realized that there just is no way in hell to know the whole curriculum (obviously). I have never walked out of an exam not knowing I got an ‘A’ on it, or damn close. Unfortunatley, I have the feeling that walking out of that exam I’m not going to know if I passed or not. That must suck and then have to wait about 2 months to find out results on top of that.

Anyone else have this issue? Everytime I take a mock, I find more sh*t I can’t remember, etc. Just SO frustrating!!!

I couldn’t agree more! Here’s what I keep telling myself (whether or not it is true is another issue): I am an intelligent person and with only 3 answer choices I should have about a 50/50 shot of guessing correct if I don’t know the answer. That would imply that if I know (and can correctly answer) only 50% of the questions then guessing alone should be able to get me 75%. Now I feel like I know well over 50% of the material, so I feel like I should be able to pass. This is just me “psyching out” my pessimistic nature, but it works for me.

This is a very good way of looking at it. I KNOW I have enough of the material in my head to pass; I just hope it’s most of THAT material that shows up on exam day!

i m having the same trouble… after doing all the mocks and passmaster questions u still feel like as if u r not fully prepared. although i didnt find their mock exam tuff it was comparably easy and to the point questions anyway its good to know tht i m not the only one who is having this feeling and i hope we all pass:)

Yeah, this always bugs me before exams. I don’t know if there’s a way to get rid of the nervousness. For me, it always got better on CFA test dates, though, as there will be other people who are clearly even more nervous.

guessing among 3 choices would give you a 33.33% chance of getting the answer right, not 50% as you put it. that said, there is no need to be puting yourselves down this close to d-day. you guys must be tensed up. i suggest you “get some” before your continue with your review

I think he’s implying that he should be able to eliminate one choice on most questions, hence the 50% shot at guessing. And yes, “getting some” will def help.

Haha I understand that 3 answer choices equates to a 1 in 3 chance of guessing correct, but I like to tell myself that my “educated guess” has a 50/50 shot. It may not be true, but hey false hope is better than none at all right?

i know you understand. i just couldn’t resist tho lol. i’m due in june so i’m just having fun. gud luck