How to Improve L2 Test Scores?

Just in case you guys don’t visit the L2 forum, really need some advice - I’m consistently scoring in the 50-60s range on Mocks (took the third schweser today) and am LOST on how to improve. I started in the high 60s, but then it’s all been downhill. Ironically, since my first mock, i’ve completed a second pass, done several q-bank ?'s, read condensed summaries - WHAT am I missing? Please provide some light as I’m seriously on the verge of just giving up.

Just keep putting that work in. Everyone goes through that a part from the exceptional few. What ever you get wrong, read the section in the notes and learn then repeat. You be surprise how low the actuall MPS is for the level 2 exam is.

Also I would make sure to learn a few topics dead seriously. To the point where it’s impossible for the CFAI to trick you on.

How do you review your performance on the mocks? It sounds like your feedback loop is broken. I think a big mistake is to just review the ones you got wrong.

This is my strategy…it takes a long time to go through it, but it is worth it:

Upon completing a mock, I go back to question 1, re-read it, try to recall what I chose and why (what was my line of thinking? was it a toss-up between two options? was there a particular aspect that I wasn’t sure about?), and then review the answer. Rinse and repeat for each question on the mock. Whether I get it right or wrong, I review the explanation. If I got it wrong, or if I gained any particular insights from the explanation, I take notes on it. This creates a little list of “reminders” and of things to go back and re-learn or re-memorize.

If you don’t re-read and evaluate ALL questions/answers like this, you can end up in situations where you remember a question just like that that you did previously, but can’t remember what the answer actually turned out to be. With that said, your problem could be something else…but it looks like you’re not learning from your practice exams, so I think this is at least worth considering.