how to improve performance?

i’m mentally drained from studying. all my time since 1/1/11 has been split between work/study/wife/kids. as a result, i haven’t been to the gym and my eating habits have deteriorated. i’m thinking about trying to study fewer hours and spend more time in the gym - hoping to improve the quality of study and to be in better shape physically and mentally. anyone else tried this approach?

For me, gym helps me focus and be more productive (probably all mental). I try to get in a run before I start studying (try being the key operative). Like an hour in I’ll do some pushups/jumping jacks/situps to get the heart going and go back at it. Seems to help. 4 months to go. The fact that you even started before 1/1 puts you in a better position than most. Keep that base up and go hard.

working out refreshes the brain, I never could have made it through this program without regular workouts. I found myself able to put in 5-8 hour study days on weekends simply by going for a good couple mile run around mid-day. Push ups and planks lend themselves to taking study breaks as well since they can be done right there on the spot.

skipped the gym today. way too sleep deprived and drained from work. taxes comming up too. time to hit the books. . . . . . . .