How to learn to use the BA II calculator?

Hi guys. I have Level I exam on 1st Dec and I haven’t started studying. I’ve heard that the BA II calculator is very different from a scientific calculator. So two questions -

  1. Is there a user guide that teaches you how to use it when you purchase it?

  2. If not, how do you learn all the calculator tricks to speed yourself up during the exam?

Thanks loads!

It does come with a manual when you buy it (or did when I bought mine 10 years ago), but now I think the best way is to watch some YouTube videos on it.

You can download the instruction manual. And practice, practice, practice!!! :+1:


Downloaded it just now and looks very helpful! Thanks!!!

a tip: youtube how to use the store and recall functions. will save you a lot of time

Get an HP12C instead.

Now why would we want to burden this poor soul with learning RPN??? :-1:

Check all the functions and try to learn them

I beg to differ, RPN is way better. As an example try to calculate excess kurtosis of a series, is a real pain in the ass with algebraic notation but with RPN is just as you would do it in your head. The only reason I use the BA II Plus is because I’m studying with Schweser and they teach you tricks, but other than that RPN is the way to go.

I sincerely hope calculating excess kurtosis of a series is NOT an LOS. :-1:

I personally found this video very helpful