How to make myself hedg+e fu>nd material

I recently got the pleasure to meet a hedgehog-hog+ fund C+EO in a gathering. Their A U + management is huge but reading their employees Linkedln profile they don’t seem to be a quant shop. Big @ass tech companies are recruiting left and right in my school and I don’t think I would have problems getting hired if I keep my stuff in balance, however working at funds or IB has been my dream since I came to the U.S and I’m sure the C E+O I met wouldn’t say no to a coffee request and would prolly hire me if I don’t seem very out of the picture. Given I’m studying two very hard majors (CS- Mathematics) and my extrovert character, I don’t think I look like a fool, however everyone can benefit from honing their skills and character to a specific type of job.

I’m still 1.5 years (roughly) away from graduating and will get my green card in the next year or so (if all works well) so I could use this time to improve.What things should I work on ? Please don’t mention taking Econ classes or Finance stuff since I know I should learn those stuff already.Also If I wanted to become a developer or some Similar role in that shop I would have chosen a tech company, so my goal is mainly front office type of gigs.

Thanks in advance.

Passing Level 1 would be a start.


Also, not using as many pluses, minuses and greater thans would be a bonus. Also again, editing your work to remove such things within a three hour time frame would show initiative.

why do you have + signs in your post?

Well next step for you is simple - internship doing some kind of research.

I don’t want it to be searched very easily later down the line.

aw ok thats a good idea

Are you looking for any particular sort of position? Or will anything with equivalent compensation and prestige be ok?

Anyway, a majority of internship positions (and analyst positions) at large firms are filled through undergraduate recruiting. Since you are graduating in 2019, you should treat this process with some urgency now. If you don’t secure a 2018 internship, you will be less competitive for 2019 full time recruitment. It’s probably best if you identify firms that don’t recruit at your school as well, and apply as an outside candidate, just so you have more shots.

You could simultaneously go off the organized route and market programming work to small hedge funds or other companies. I am talking about those with around 5 employees. You would be upfront and say you’re looking for unpaid work to help build your resume, and offer to take on some minor programming projects that they have lingering. Although this might not be your final objective, it will be real job experience and will make you much more marketable and credible for future jobs.

Also, you should have a backup plan (presumably tech), in case all this fails. If you do not get a finance internship, you should just get whatever experience looks the best, regardless of industry. For full time recruitment, firms value candidates who are overall just impressive.

CS-Math… you at UW?

Do internships over the summer even if it is unpaid.

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UW, the only university that has math and CS departments!

I would argue that the Streisand Effect would ironically cause it to be more searched down the line.

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