How to memorize the Standards of Professional Conduct

IS there a song or mnemonic to memorize Ethics (SPC)

P - K I M M

I - M M

D - L F S P P

D - L A R

I - D C R

C - D P R

R - C R

I just read them enough that I just have them memorized verbatim. Of course, I’m not entirely sure that actually knowing every one is all that important so much as adopting the mindset they enforce. Any practice questions I’ve done so far haven’t asked me if “suitability” is a substandard to Professionalism or Duties to Clients, after all.

I personally do not believe memorizing them is the best study technique. I have intstead focued on reading examples and getting to the logic behind why certain standards apply in certain situations. I’m sure memorizing them won’t hurt of course.

There is basically nothing in the ethics part of the exam that requires rote memorisation on your part. Most of the time the correct answer can be deduced from the context of the question. Just make sure to read ethics again on the night before the exam and you will be fine! Spend your memory on FRA issues instead !

Honestly, I did not even read through the ethics once. Just worked on the practice questions and found out which of them are important.

That sums up ethics lol

Agreed with Eddie as well. Ethics is one section in particular that can’t be done via memorization. Learning the question format is key here.

When I used to review ethics each year, I simply “tabbed” with a sticky note each important section and jotted my own notes to help me remember the point. I do agree that it’s not memorization that is important but application of the concept.