How to Not Suck at Tinder

yup, you most likely suck. check this out for some help

I caved and signed up this week. Sunday night to be exact. Monday brought this brunette chick by the beach … she bought shots then after the margaritas we have no idea what happened. I wasn’t super into her anyway so conveniently looking to meet up with this younger blonde chick next who seems really cool.

“I got 99 problems … and they all bi**hes” - Kid Cudi lol

“Don’t steal photos of people who aren’t you”

Solid advice

I would think the best way to not suck at Tinder is to not seek out men.

analti, how great has your life become? When i was on it, i only had one mediocre experience, everything else was great. This was my process: make the connect, chat it up for a bit on tinder, connect with fb, get her #, date, 2nd date, golden.

im sure there are plenty of girls on there in which you can skip the body of that process but at the time i was all about the chase. you;re so money and you dont even know it.

The hit rate on Grinder is much, much higher.

“wish i was jiggaman carefree living” thats a tight song. i was still in college when that came out. good old days by the beach with that song in the background. haha

The blonde chick I met up with this past wknd wasnt that great. In fact, I left her for a pizza.

I was hungry. I don’t think she was too happy about that. She was with her whole crew though, I didn’t think it was a big deal.