how to pace?

While tackling the schweser bk 6 tests, i ran out of time in a couple of them (it didnt help matters that my one month old was bawling away to glory in the next room). in anycase, how are you all planning to pace yourselves during the actual test?. bonds and derivatives -especially if they involve lot of calculator use are not going to be my strongest areas, so I am planning on ensuring there is atleast 1 hour left to attack the last 30 questions. That means 50 in the first 1 hour and 40 in the 2nd hour. seems doable -unless econ turns out to be a tough nut. anyone has better ideas?.would it be better to have a go at the relative weaker areas first?or the strongest?

Start with you strongest topic. The calculations are my strongest part with Ethics and Derivs being the most time consuming. I’ve been leaving the Ethics to the end and seems to work. You don’t want to take precious time away from your strongest areas. I would set yourself an order of topics rather than time limits as that will just add to the pressure. Think of an order now and stick to it. Do past papers in your order, you’ll get it!