How to pass FPSC Level 1 exam for CFP?

Hi everyone,

I know that this is a CFA forum, but I thought my fellow AnalystForum friends may be able to help me out, as they have over the years.

I’ve successfully completed the CFA program, but today, I didn’t pass the FPSC level 1 exam, in my quest to complete the CFP program - congratulations to all of those who did pass!

I’m wondering what I’m missing, and if anyone can please shed some light as to the best way to prep for this exam, what 3rd party resources were used/are best, where to get past mocks, etc. I feel like I am missing something, given the 69% pass rate and that the majority of people finished the exam early.

Would really appreciate the help. Cheers!

Show up on test day.

I actually just passed the CFP and am writing the June 2018 Level III exam.

  1. There are no mocks - some providers exist but they all suck - trust me. Best thing to do is pay for the FPSC 1 or CFP mock provided by the FPSC.

  2. Get your hands on (and read) the KPMG Tax Planning for You and Your Family. Also Grant Thronton (spelling?) has a good tax guide as well. They are not expensive but cover a lot of information.

If you haven’t already done the Capstone course - you should try. I know a lot of places offer equivalent courses that qualify for the capstone. This will help you, even in writing the FPSC 1.

The providers that offer prep programs are (in order from most to least expensive)

a. Foran Financial - expensive, overkill b. Gobeil & Associatyes - Lengthy as well, and sort of hard to filter through c. - guy is a CFA, CFP, MBA, FCSI I can’t even remember…lots of typos and math errors, but very concise and readable, but omits some stuff.

Best of Luck.

Very valuable; great job :slight_smile: