How to pass L3 your first time with minimal prep

Some of you may not beleive me when I explain this process, and its efficacy, but I can attest to it, and it really was an awsome way to go about sitting for the exam (random luck).

1.) Took no prepatory courses

2.) No study groups

3.) Did not use any practice problems/mock exams from the CFAI

What I did do:

1.) Bought the Kaplan books and sample tests…I skimmed the Kaplan books, took 0 notes. Spent the following 4 weeks doing EVERY problem in the Kaplan sample tests…and reading the justifications…

At this time, I had 2 weeks left before the exam…I decided to open up the CFAI books, and realized I was f…d, since Kaplan didn’t do a good job covering the material, and the CFAI books looked like they were preparing you for a seperate exam IMO.

2.) With 2 weeks left, I didn’t have time to read the CFAI books. I decided to just do the problems at the end of the chapters.

That’s it…Complete honesty.

Does this happen after every exam, a thread is created explaining how to pass in 1 month without studying auto-magically?

Congratulations, pmossaed!!

People get hit by lightining as well. From reading what you said I think the probability of what I said happening is more than what you said. So watch out!

lol at these threads

Just do the work. Period. Why stress?

…meanwhile dozens of others that have done the same do not pass. Congrats though

I passed level 3 in first attempt with only about 4 weeks of preparation and a bit of luck. I used CFAI material and did several past AM practice examinations. It can be done.