How to post a YouTube video

You can now post YouTube videos on AF. To post a video, click on the blue film reel icon and paste the URL into the popup.


This toolbar (fonts, links, smilies, videos) only appears for me when I create a brand new thread using the “Post New Topic” button. How can I get this same toolbar to come up when I am replying to a post?

Great question. I will look into that.

Chad- On a similar note, using most of the advanced text formatting options (the other one I’ve noticed is creating hyperlinks) only appear when a user is typing up a new post - replies to threads have much more limited formatting options.

Hey guys,

The editor is now available when replying to comments. Please let us know if you experience any issues.


Know what we could use in the editor toolbar? An option to include a GIF/JPEG/etc photo/diagram in the post.