How to practice fixed income/asset allocation for AM essay?

Wondering how you guys practice these parts for AM exam. EOCs for these chapters are multiple choices. Not many tests from CFA online test. Don’t know how to best practice them.

For those who use 3rd party practices, do they have AM essay to test this part?

Also notice there’s not many practices for currency management from CFA online as well.


I found that the IFT relevancy sheet isn’t always accurate and it tends to list any AA and FI question irrelevant. Be critical and do review for yourself if questions seem relevant, because some are.

Can you point out a few that are? Thanks.

E.g. 2017 Q8BD on asset allocation and 2017 Q9CD on fixed income to name a few.

Basically the question should sound familiar to you based on curriculum and EoCs/TTs if you’ve done those.

I am practicing FI and AA using BB, Eoc’s and online practice.