How to prepare for ESG and Integrated Topics (L2)

Any tips for ESG chapters and Integrated Topics? I am swamped. So many stuff needed to remember.

Will go through the SAQs on UpperMark’s TestBank, but wonder how much I can remember.

Anybody in the same boat? Any light shed will be appreciated.

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I am in the same exact boat!!! It’s ridiculous cause with this new curriculum there’s just too much to memorize, it’s freaking impossible. Before the new curriculum re-vamp, all you had to know for the first part was ethics, and it was common sense stuff. Now, it’s ethics, regulations and ESG. Pure insanity. The endless lists to memorize. And don’t even get me started on the CITs! The one on artificial intelligence I am skipping all together cause nothing sticks in my brain so I refuse to learn it. If they end up asking about that, oh well, f them lol. Seriously, it’s overkill. I feel this exam is more about memorizing useless lists, than actually learning about the alts space. Like you I am going over UM short answer questions, but impossible to go over all of them cause it’s 130 for Ethics, ESG and regs, and another 70 for CITs. I just don’t have the time…I work during the day, and doing as many multiple choice at night and that alone takes hrs. Let’s not forget soon I’ll have to start memorizing all the formulas. Just kill me now lol.

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Same here. I cannot memorize either. My plan is to go twice through the UM questions of topic 1 and 9. Most of us are in the same boat I assume. Any smarter approach on these topics is more than welcome. Thx

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I’m in same Boat with all of you. This is a ridiculous amount of material and if they want to “get” us with some obscure list question, they can really kill us. Overall my goal is to “understand” the material and hope I can reason my way through it, vs if it’s going to be lists I’m hosed.

I have no magic secrets. I have been slacking this past week but starting this weekend I’m going to be hitting the UM QBank and just hammering the questions and also doing the SAQs to practice writing responses.

I need to really push this next 2.5 weeks and hit the QBank, I think that’s my best bet, just hammer the QBank like a boxer hits the punching bag over and over, lol.

I really understand your concerns on the newly integrated stuff, and if we’re asked to list specific aspects, I’m screwed, too. But taking into account the sample exam from the CAIA website, I do not expect this. These questions in the essay section seemed fair and not overly complicated (hoping for CPPI, though). Just try to memorize the concepts, then you should be able to reason your way through it. Best of luck!