How to prepare the AM session? Pls help

Firstly, congrats to all the folks who has passed last night.

For me, i failed and i did poorly especially in the morning session, pls advise how should i prepare for it for June 2016 Level 3?

Thanks guys!

Hey firstly sorry to hear that you failed, good of you to get back on the horse and try beat this beast again

This forum is filled with advice on how to tackle the AM portion of the exam. Ill try summarise it to the best of my ability

  1. Finish reading the material early! i cannot stress this enough. A lot of people spend too much time reading the material but in all honesty practice questions work your knowledge the best. The questions asked are not as simple as repeating what you read so having a conceptual understanding will really help in the AM section

  2. Practice ALL questions, if you are using a third party provider do these first, then the BB questions in the curriculum and finally EOC questions. Learn to nail these! trust me they help

  3. Practice MOCK exams, again everyone will tell you to do this but it works, and when you read the answer dig deeper into the explanation. Essay based questions are simple to answer if you know what they are asking you in the first place. Pracitice under timed environment and try bullet pointing your answer. Its easy to get carried away in the actual exam to write long paragraphs (trust me i did!) but that will only eat up your time unnecessarily. Keep doing them until you get a good understanding of the answer they are looking for

  4. Portfolio Managent is the biggest portion of the exam. Learn to master this and you have a very good shout at passing. Fixed Income is the next biggest i believe and one of the more difficult topics to master so spend some extra time here too

In all honesty if you do the above, rinse and repeat you should have a very good chance next year

This forum helped me a lot being a first time level 3 taker, luckily i passed. Really hope this helps you for next year