How to Prevent Burn Out

I am getting ready for L1 in June08. I took L1 a few years ago and failed b/c I got burned out after about four months of intense studying well before the exam I couldn’t even look at the materials without feeling nauseous. How do you folks combat burn out? Anyone with good ideas about balancing work, wife/kids, leisure time. Thanks

Have lots of contact with other candidates. If you are competitive you will want to pass. Also it helps to work in a place that encourages it.

quit worrying and start studying…and keep your eyes on the mighty prize. Failing cuz you were burnt out is a sorry excuse. STAY FOCUSED.

Hearing people get burnt out only makes me hungrier

Take breaks in the middle…I didn’t look at the books for 2 weeks in the middle…no AF, no notes nothing…watched a ton of movies, took a short trip, had gallons of beer… Now I feel good to go again…I’ll probably take another week off in mid october…to be ready for the last 45 day strech. This works for me…might not work for everyone

Think of what you are now going through since you had burnout last time. You are going through and doing it all over. I just focused on spending more time now vs. needing to study twice if I faild the first time. Just push through the pain…

I wonder what jalmy8 thinks is on the other side… The first thing is that this exam shouldn’t really take 4 months of intense studying. According to CFAI, the recommended number of hours is about 300 hrs so 4 months is about 2 1/2 hours a day. This is a significant commitment for sure but an hour a day on weekdays, a full day on Saturday and a half day on Sunday should do it. Many candidates pass on significantly less work than that. If you are doing lots more than that and failing, there’s either a studying problem or a background problem. If it’s a studying problem, AF people can help with all kinds of study suggestions. Anyway, step #1 to avoid burnout is to study efficiently and well so it doesn’t consume lots of time. Location - where are you studying? I think studying amidst distractions can increase burnout by forcing you to work your brain hard balancing and screening distractions while studying. I used to check into hotel rooms and study there from check-in on Saturday to check-out on Sunday with a nice night’s sleep in the middle. That helped me avoid distractions of kids/wife, phone, etc. and I got tons of productive study time. I actually looked forward to doing it with my ritual 10:00 PM order of wine and dinner from room service and some movie on Pay-per-View (no, not those movies). The hotel (I liked the Westin which has cheap weekend rates) would set up a conference table in the room for me and I would spread out my books everywhere. Try it - it’s relaxing and kind of fun. Exercise is important. Lots of folks complain about floppy biceps and guts after their exam. You probably shouldn’t schedule any fall marathons before Dec. exam, but dropping it altogether is a bad plan. Everything I’ve seen on light exercise says that it is good for all kinds of mental functions as well as fighting burnout and stress. Since your social life is going to suck, I think you should combine social life with exercise for time efficiency and maintaining some friends. Run with your buddies, play basketball, or do whatever you do. Mix it up. Don’t go through the material linearly. Study what you want whenever you want. If you feel like studying derivatives, then do it. Sometimes some really natural thing comes up, say from an interesting question on AF. You should go study that because you want the answer. You can get tons of studying done that way without feeling imposed upon. It’s also much easier than sitting down and saying “I have to read FSA yet again, darn it”. Study with a partner sometimes. This is not the hot babe who works in the mailroom. This is a motivated group that is fun to be with. Joke around with them. Make every Thursday night the time you meet the guys at UBS to study and then have a quick beer afterwards (my plan for L II years ago). This adds another dimension to your studying in which you teach the stuff to someone else. You learn things very well doing that. Get your wife on-board. If your wife is really stressed about your studying, it will suck. There is nothing worse than feeling marital pressure and thinking your marriage is going down the tubes for a stupid piece of paper. As someone with an ex-wife and a CFA charter, I am absolutely certain that a good marriage is way, way more important to life happiness than a CFA charter. This stress will eat you alive and really increase burnout if you don’t get her help and permission. It’s also really f-ing dumb. If the quest for a CFA charter is eating your marriage, just don’t do it. Time off. Even God rested one day out of seven. Break one minute out of seven, one hour out of seven, one day out of seven, etc… Rest time is as important for developing as study time. This part is the same as athletics - your brain is not that much different from your cardiovascular system or your pectorals. If you want to develop it, you need to let it rest sometimes too. Do not waste lots of hours on AF. Very bad.

hey, great post Joey! what advice would you give to someone with a non- finance background? Would you say to double the effort? I am using the schweser study notes and using CFAI text to further understand nebulous concept. Would you say this is an efficient strategy? thanks

thx JoeyDVivre…thats awesome yeah, what about non-finance backround?

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