How to print all Ques frm Scheweser QBank???

Hi All, A little help needed here , I am not very much into reading from Monitor so I am thinking of printing all questions there in Scheser 2008 QBank . The options I explored were : 1) Copy paste each & every question(Really exhaustive tried for 30 min) but noticed that most of Questions frm same topic were repeating. 2) Generate sample tests—> Tried but no use as it generates only 180 questions per test & most of them are repeated in subsequent tests. 3) Tried to explore if I could get some questions from project files but could only see .php files with non-understandable data. If any one of you could suggest any way of printing all questions(some 3900 of them with out updating from internet) , I would be very thankful. I guess some of you wouldnt be very comfortable sitting in front of screen for hours like me. So the solution would benefit atleast some of us. Thanks in advance. Regards Varun

I have them all saved in a PDF. Give me your email and I’ll see about sending this monster to you. If you are not Varun do not post your email.

Hi Brianr, This is Varun dude , I deeply appreciate your help. You may please forward me that at Let me know if you want some more details. Thanks & Regards Varun

Did you buy the questions in PDF format?