How to prove we passed a level?


I passed the level 2 in June and an employer asked me a proof that I did it. How to do that ? Is there some kind of testimony that we can download somewhere?

You can use your results mail or download a result summary from your account on the CFAI webpage.

Best, Oscar

Email them,

they will provide a letter.

You could always just show them that you are registered for L3… since you would have to have passed L2 in the first place…

but emailing teh CFAI for an offical email or somthing is probably the most offical way…

Just tell him you passed in a commanding voice accompanied by a firm handshake.



I’m guessing this is for expense reimbursement. The folks in accounting that process that kind of stuff probably wouldn’t know that you can’t register for L3 without passing L2.

For expense reimbursement I just used a screenshot of my webpage pass result. Never had an issue.

Seems like you can’t go wrong with the email or the website results.

This. it will be accepted.

Now, if you try to fake a PASS result and are discovered , you’ll be fired, and suspended from the CFA program. I think someone tried this exact scam and got busted

I was flipping through the CFAI’s list of violators and I think i remember seeing someone who did that.

Not if you work for Palantir.

lol good call. I bet Palantir probably lies on his own resume and is ready to justify it by his bent logic.