How to pull historic stock prices from yahoo Dynamically into excel

Hello - I’m trying to figure out how to dynamically pull historic stock prices using yahoo or Google into excel 2013. I want to set the ticker, start, end dates and have excel automatically pull the data.

I’ve looked at some videos on youtube but they don’t work. for example pulling MSFT data using this URL into text in excel doesn’t work.

i am not looking for python code because i don’t know the language.

Can you help?


Here’s an easy intro to Python. Should be able to get an API Pull going in ~20-40 hrs.

is the udemy course worth it or just get the book?

I’ve never had to really build anything complicated in Python, so the ‘book’ was fine for me. I mainly used it to…well… automate some of the boring stuff I do. Making some excel reports, pulling some data, short things like that.

Use Google Sheets’ finance formula. If you need more data scraping capabilities then learn the import formulas.

Thanks for sharing this great little book.