How to re-review everything?

In the opening of the Schweser Practice Exams volumes, they say to re-read everything and pay special attention to what you’ve gotten wrong. But my question is how do I re-read everything in a week when it took a lot longer than that to get through the material in the first place. My plan (and please tell me if I should change) 1. Do all EOC problems in the CFAI texts and read all summaries 2. Practice exams on the weekends 3. Do all of the practice problems inside each chapter of the CFA texts 4. Read the Special Sauce All while doing 30 question Q-bank practices each day.

The second/third reads are quite quick. I am pretty sure you can do it in a week. Your plan is fine. BTW its called the ‘secret sauce’ and if you haven’t bought it yet, then get the Eleventh Hour instead. Good luck!

Haha. I didn’t realize I spelled the Special Sauce! McDonalds has definitely played a role in my studying so far.