How to recall the Topics I studied 2 weeks back?


I have started studying from Schweser books (due to time limitation), and its been exactly 39 days. So far completed almost 45%, but realizing that, it will be extremely difficult to keep everything on mind. I just completed the Equity Part, and then studying on the Economics Section currently, and noticed that I forgot few of the valuation formula and even the names too. And the one which I started at the very beginning is almost like vanished from the memories (for example - Ethics).

ANY SORT OF SUGGESTION, would be highly appreciated. Please help me to make it easier to recall them! Consider it, i am doing a full time job, and daily studying 5 hours.


Once a week, go back and review old topics.

This is a good use for flashcards.

Hi sakibahmed

Like what S2000magician said, use flashcards. Back when I prepared I used Anki- I can bring it with me anywhere I go and review when I was idle and the spaced repetition made reviewing efficient.

Hope it helps :slight_smile: