How to register on CFA level 2?


First of all congrats to everyone who passed L1 exam. It is the biggest relief I have ever had last few years.

I was just curious if my success was reflected on my CFA account, but when I logged in in CFA website I couldn’t find anything interesting there.

Then I tried to register for L2 but site is so d**n unfriendy, it made me to post this topic.

Please help

Thanks and regards.

Is there a market where I can short you?

former trader, you made my day; Thanks for your help and support

Your welcome.

Perhaps you need to update your education status.

Don’t. Just skip to L3.

former trader, I found the market you were looking for, it’s at your mom’s bedroom. I went long there.

kmj2318 - Thank you very much! I had the problem cause my score was not reflected on web for some reason and I was still offered to register for level 1. Now its OK. Thanks again!

^ Congrats for taking 9 months to find it. You’re a real winner.


Yeah, it took a while. But now I am enjoying the prize I got, if you know what I mean :wink:

Quiet down kids.

now, back to this chart that shows the promising career path of plumbing

^this is great news for us hacksaws! LOL