How to register

Hi guys, I know this is silly but could anyone show me how to register for level II? I tried to register and it asked me to log in, I logged in then it linked directly to my personal page and from here I couldn’t find out how to do it? My friend told me that it was because I’m still a undergrad and they don’t allow undergrads to take level II but I don’t believe so. Could anyone help me out pls? Thanks guys

just did some searching and noticed that some had encountered the same problem previously. is there anyone having the same problem as mine?

yeah…I believe i can help you. CFAI allows you to register for Level 1 while you are in your Final year of your undergrad. ie. You can do them concurrently. (Which is what I did) However, in order to progress to Level 2, you will need to provide CFAI with proof that you have completed your undergrad. No proof>>>No Level 2. When you provide them with proof you’ll see the link that allows you to register for L2 when you login.

Actually no proof is required. All I did was to send an email to CFA informing them that I had graduated and they immediately responded and told me that I could proceed to level two. So there is still time for you to beat tomorrow’s registration deadline

The CFAI can request a proof at any time, but they seldomly do. That being said, if a 12 y/o wants to register for the program, this outlier would very likely be required a proof.

registering is optional. if you show up on june 2 and you know the secret hand shake… you’ll be good to go.

You also might need to bribe the doorman with a $20 to get in. The secret hand shake is only the first part, similar to a VIP list.

actually. i dont want to mislead you. you need to show up on june 7, not the 2nd.

nola enough with the jokes…you’re killing me. I’m trying to get some work accomplished.

Thanks guys. I just called them and got confirmed. No exam for undergrad student. What a rule!!! I’ll catch the boat next year then. Gudluck to y’all! @nola: haha…the secret hand shake…good idea, huh :)…this is definitely something they should include in the curriculum…maybe for next year then.