How to Remember it All?

What are some tips on remembering what you study? Let’s say you complete ECON and move on the FSA…isn’t there a risk that you will forget some of the stuff you studied in ECON? What are some of the things people do to help with this problem?

you don’t need to know or remember everything to pass the test. know 80-90% of the material really well, be familiar with the rest, and you should pass. the amt of material is daunting for sure, i’ve gotten overwhelmed several times, but there’s only so much you can try to remember, a lot comes to down to repetition and learning by making mistakes on question after question.

do lots of Q bank questions. for that’s the best way to remember the material. remember repetition is key.

Make it a part of the way you analyze the world.

Learn it, and understand it. Then it will just be there. Just trying to remember things is pointless.

NByz Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Make it a part of the way you analyze the world. nice one. yep. you have to have that GOT IT! moment. “getting” FI was pretty exciting. I’m pretty sure I let out a &u%k YES! out loud at the library. it took time though, but GOT IT! Put/Call parity was another one… keep working problems. then work some more problems. try to understand the why behind EVERYTHING. don’t move quickly away from something just b/c you got it correct. check out the question and see why it worked out. I’m writing this for AF but also for myself. Spent the last week and a half trying to hone in on quant and have made some but very little progress. I now know what type I and II errors are. cold. I didn’t a week ago. hooray. Why use Chi & F? No idea. That mess just pisses me off - looks amazingly simple and I screw it up WAY too often. Now onto FR&A…next!

Quant can be a pain but ill take it any day over economics…there is something about the intricacies of it that I can’t grasp. I got 90%+ on economics in college but I can’t break the 75% quartile in it…frustrating!!!

i’d take econ over quant any day. quant has simply refused to stick in my mind. but i plan on doing at least 200 quant questions over the next 2 days in an attempt to nail the b!stard.

Eco is all about repitition…it evaporates from my mind when I lose touch with it. It is one of the things I will look into again during the last few days.