How to retain FRA?

hello all,

Simple question: Im going to finish all readings by the 14th April and the one section im struggling to remember is FRA (done 2 months ago but even then i struggled to answer questions), should I postpone starting mock exams mid april and rather re-read FRA and then jump into mocks or would I grasp the concepts better by doing mocks and qbank and reading up on the sections.

FRA is a decent chunk in the exam, but I also don’t want to ‘waste’ time reading and possibly not retaining and then find myself with 3 weeks left. I have made flash cards of all the ratios andI have started reading them during work hours and before i sleep.

Good luck to everyone out there 2 months to go!!

Practice, practice, practice.

Work as many problems as you can get in you hands.

Q: How do you retain FRA?

A: The same way you retain everything else–repetition.