How to review...

Hi I am looking for the best way to review before the exam. Any inputs? I have Schweser, but I find the material a little too cumbersome for an abbreviated version of the CFA curriculum. It is always as detailed. I would like something that is very condensed. Any input very welcome!!

Try Schweser secret sauce…it’s one book that does a very condensed review of the entire curriculum. Also, read the CFAI books end of chapter summaries.


Qbank is great for Level 1… After doing 3000 Qbank questions there realy was not much you could ask me on the exam that I have not seen… Level two seems to be a diff story. No matter how many questions you see, it seems you can still be asked questions you have not seen because the material is so linked

Thanks. I will use QBank as well.


do all the EOC’s over and over, preferably review all the past ones after finishing each book. I would also recommend QBank but review CFAI for the tough parts. Use CFAI for Ethics

Get the Eleventh Hour Guide for sure and do lots of mocks. Mock exam questions generally differ in quality from the QBank and practice questions offered by other providers.

Thanks, this is helpful. 11th hour guide looks good. I also got the CFA-accelerator, which is more condensed.

Schweser Mock and Qbank provides enough practice. Summaries at end of chapters in curriculum are good for review.