How to Revise/Practice in one month

Hello All,

I started my studies on 14th August and completed all of them 4 days back. I did all the EOC from schweser while reading. Now I want to start revision and practice but I am not getting clear picture of how to do it. As I’ve just read the material once and really think I dont remember anything,I have thought of this strategy to revise and practice:

  1. Re-read Key Concepts of all books (Or better to read Secret Sauce? Will this take time?), after finishing a chapter’s key concepts, practice EOC questions in schweser AND CFAI and then move to next chapter and repeat until all books are done.

  2. Once I finish step 1, as I would have revised the whole material and learned all formulas, I will go for Schweser practice exam one by one and will do mocks on weekends.

Can these two steps be done with these many days left (I’m working full time)? I am afraid step 1 might take too long and eat my practice exam time on the other hand I think I cant start practice exam because I dont remember anything at all.

Please guide.

Go ahead and take a practice test. What’s the worst that can happen? You may not get 70%, but that’s fine.

From there, review your weakest areas. (Watch videos, do EOC problems, whatever. Pick a reading a day. )Read a condensed outline (Secret Sauce can work). Then, take another practice test.

If you can do that 4 times between now and the exam, you should have a good chance to pass.

Questions, questions, questions!

Work all the questions you can. Do as many practice/mock exams as you can. Review the material from the questions you miss.

use the schweser mocks, and just drill questions baby! seriously. The time for reading is coming to a close.

i was also about to ask the same question. Thanks for the inputs. One more question, Is it wise to have say subject wise test first ? and then take full lengh tests? I started with ethics and quants and then economics and at this moment I dont know if i remember any formula for quants for example

Please let me know your thoughts

You have so much going through your mind. Let it go. Start fresh. Don’t worry about what topics went well and which ones didn’t. Take a practice test, shore up your weak areas with more questions. Review a summary of the material.

Q - What are the three most important things in real estate?

A - Location, location, location.

Q - What are the three most important things when preparing for CFA exam?

A - Practice questions, practice questions, practice questions.

Do as many as you can. It doesn’t matter if they’re on paper or on computer. It doesn’t matter if they’re mock exams or Q-bank. Just do practice questions.

I would only review material if you do 1,000 practice questions on a subject and still just don’t get it.

thanks folks!! appreciate your inputs

At this stage you need to do practice only this can only help you remember the concepts.

After reading all the material, took the first 3 hour mock… and scored 49%… :frowning:

Intend to do only questions and questions…

Any other suggestions for me?

Is 3 day Kaplan review program any good? Advise please