How to set difficulty on schweser qb

I know that under “test management” you can choose the difficulty of the questions, but if you click on “browse questions” and click on an individual LOS, then are the questions only basic ones, or does it mix in basic, intermediate and advanced? Thanks…

Basic Only at LOS Reading=Intermediate Study Session=Advanced

Revision to the above response LOS Level=Basic Reading Level = Intermediate Study Session Level = Advanced If you’re going to use Qbank, I would use the Test Management function and leave the default setting at Basic/Intermediate/Advanced. With that setting if you’re scoring over 80 to 85%, I would also create some exams with the custom setting of Intermediate/Advanced. W

It’s as easy as checking off the difficulties you want included. I usually do the full range, but have done exams of Intermediate/Advanced. I think this close to the exam you should go with the harder Qs.