How to short Bitcoin?

Any ideas?

Step 1, dont. Unless you have an endless supply of capital its quite possible you get absolutely steamrolled. I understand the desire to short it, but there were people sure it was never going to break 100, 500, 1000. Honestly I cant think of anything worse to short, its an investment with such an unknown upside the risk reward is bad.

Fun fact: Assuming Satoshi Nakamoto is a single person, he is now worth over $4 billion. He’s never moved any of the first bitcoins he created.

It’s also theorized that if any of Satoshi’s bitcoins did suddenly move, btc would crash, hard. So, if this dude is still alive, he’s a billionaire that can’t access a single penny of his money. That must really, really suck.

mccafee guy gonna be a blast in 3 years

I’ll cheer you on, from the sidelines!

They need to package Twitter, Bitcoin, and other junk up into a shortable ETF. :bulb:

Just say away now.

Bitcoin is a dead trade. You’re way late.

Buy bitcoin dude. Buy it now. If you don’t buy it now, then buy it tomorrow.

Maybe you can find a Broker who can lend you stocks of GBTC for shorting. I agree with Yayyywork though, Momentum factor has been quite strong in this cryptocurrency and it might be dangerous.

you dont short bubbles, you stay the fuck away from it. lol

if you shorted btc at 100 youd be broke by now if you didnt close out.

^ Yup, this is why I have a strict rule; no shorting individual names , no matter how much I hate them. Only short indexes. Index ETFs don’t go up by 5,000%.

I think the way to short bitcoin is to do an ICO, raise coins, and convert back to USD at the inflated rate.

I think you can short Bitcoin only when some government bans smth related to cryptocurrencies, or when someone really important says that it is a scam (just like it was with CEO of J.P. Morgan).

just buy puts? a little costly but at least you don’t get your neck wrung.

Could u please tell me where i can buy bitcoin puts?

Thanks you so much

This kind of reminds me of the big short. Shorting MBS didn’t exist and was created. Retail investors werent allowed to short MBS. If there is a way to short Bitcoins it would be created and then done by the big banks or big money funds first.

That is called scam… oh wait…

My advice would be not to do it in any ways. Nerdyblop made it quite clear. But maybe we’re wrong and after few months I see that I should have said something else :slight_smile: Generally cryptos are speculations and no sure thing about them.

You can go short on Bitcoin with CFD brokers. If you don’t know what companies are that, here is a comparison of such brokers You can use for your short position even a leverage to multiply your earnings.