How to solve equation for coupon par rate? (via TI BAII plus calculator)

Hi all,

how to solve following equation via texas instruments BAII plus professional calculator?

"Let C be the coupon rate at which the price for the 4-year T-Note equals the par value. Using the spot rates from the table to discount cash flows, we can write:

100%= C%/ + C%/ +C%/ +(100+C)%/ (1+2%) (1+2,5%)2 (1+2,8%)3 (1+3%)4

Any ideas how to calculate the equation above?


I think you can’t solve this with a calculator function. Hence, solve it algebraically.

Unfortunately, the calculator doesn’t have a worksheet set up for this type of problem. You can use the TVM worksheet to get the PV factors of the individual cash flows and store them in memory registers 1 to 4, just to save you from doing the arithmetic by hand.

I get P1=0.98039 P2= 0.95181, P3 = 0.92049, and P4 = 0.88849 and plug in to the following formula:

C = (1 - P4)/ (sum of P1 to P4) = (1 - 0.88849) / 3.74119 = 0.02981

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