How to start a career in equity analyses as a recent business graduate

Hello all,

I am a recent graduate from the University of Liverpool. I achieved a 2.1 in BA (Hons) International Business. I am a mainland Chinese student and, as stated above, I’m interested in pursuing a career as an equity research associate (with the intentions of becoming a fully-fledged analyst!). I am currently studying public translation as, up to this point, I was unsure about what career I wanted to pursue. However as my visa expires on November 2016, and I would prefer to work in the UK rather than going back to China, I was wondering if it would be possible to get any advice from those who have experience in this field of work and could potentially point me in the right direction in regards to what other qualifications and skills I need in order to improve my chances of employment? I understand my prospects of getting into the top tier companies is very small but feel I setting my sights on the middle-tier companies would be for the best? I am also aiming for the graduate schemes for the up and coming summer. So with that time period in mind I would appreciate any advice for this! As to be expected, Mandarin (and Cantonese) is my native language and I can speak English fluently. Any advice will be gratefully received! Thank you for your time, Kindest regards, Alice

Do you have a strong liverpool accent when you speak English? That would be sweet!

You should clarify for the Americans here what a 2:1 is, and that its not a 2.1 GPA, assuming you intended what I think you intended…

Hi, I think you may find it helpful to read case studies and success stories on mergers and inquisitions website (numi, I’m new and you don’t know me, but thank you for M&I, and since nobody replied yet, I though I’d share). I think this should answer your question, and give you a lot of info as to what’s expected of you.

I was wondering about this too so I googled… 2.1 UK is equivalent to 3.0-3.7 North Amerca. This is average so this is what most students get.

Thanks for the plug medved. To the original poster, definitely have a look at the articles in my signature if you haven’t already done so.