How to start studying for Level 1 of the CFA?

Hi all. I’m currently a senior studying finance and fixed income. Upon graduation in May, I will be starting as a municipal bond analyst and hope to eventually become a fixed income PM. Though I have not registered yet, I plan on taking L1 in November 2020. I’m thinking about using Kaplan Schweser’s Premium Package to study. Does anyone have any advice on how to get started? Don’t know if I should tackle one topic at a time or alternate between them. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Hi hope u success in your PM Carrière
About ur question it’s not a question about the best in market but about what’s best for u
There’s a lot of materiel out there .Wiley .MM . Schwezer . IFT
But they differ in how they deliver The info to the candidate
So you may wanna take some samples videos from them and see what’s is best for you