How to start your own fund?

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I am an investment anayst aspiring to be a portfolio manager someday. I wanted to ask if anyone has any suggestions on how to create and publish a paper/virtual portfolio for the purpose of setting a track record for myself. I am aware that several websites allows you to create a virtual portfolio such as cnbc or but only the creator will have access to by login in to that website and user account. I am envisioning more like a blog where people can see and comment on my investment portfolio as i make my trades.

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You could always start a blog. I doubt that many people will read it and it probably won’t directly help your career. However, it might help improve your writing/analysis skills if you are dedicated enough.

If you are serious and have some money to use, it might be better to start an actual investment account. This will incentivize you to pay attention to your portfolio, and it will be easier to produce an audited track record if you need it in the future.

It is a worthy goal. Try to get into value investors club. Not saying that it’ll lead you to people giving you money. But that’s a serious group of investors who will read your ideas, you have to make a good investment pitch. You can also start a website like

IMO you should focus on becoming really f****ing good first. (Not saying you’re not…). You should also post some of your investment ideas in the Investments subforum.

You could check out

I don’t know a lot about it except that it seems legit, and has been around for more than a decade.

I like to use my own money if possible. Do you mean open an investment account such as Scott trade, tdameritrade, or Etrade for example? How would I open this account for others to view trades and performance ?

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Post some of your ideas here in the Investments forum.

This might also be a good option for you.

It seems like the traditional track in your case would be to switch to the buy side, become a PM, build a book o business and then start off on your own. I imagine the hardest part would be lining up business, but with a track record that maks the task easier.

lining up business is the toughest part…

i wouldn’t trust any virtual portfolio…you can’t learn how to bat playing video games…

Easier to be rational on a virtual portfolio. Not the same at all.