how to stay motivated??

I have to study more material than my three-year applied finance degree, which I forgot most of, in less than three months, how do I stay motivated? I have never experienced anything like this amount work before.


eoc & blue box

mock exams til you blue in da face

Ask yourself how you will keep yourself motivated in the Spring if you’re studying for Level I instead of studying for Level II.

hire a hitman that will hacksaw you if you fail.

Why would he use those dumb-down third party materials?

watching pete’s videos on yt always gives me a boost

“6AM? Did you oversleep or something?”

My man…

I’ve been getting up at 5 am every day to continue learning and improving my skills. It’s like what Mase said, “Why do what most do? Do what you’re supposed to.”

This… I think the OP answered his own question. 3rd party materials separates the wheat from the chaff. Which means you don’t have to read so much.

What is your major malfunction, numbnuts??!!??!!


It’s called an octothorpe! Bloody hashtag.

It’s the uncertainty that is difficult. Do a practice exam first to measure where you are, then study a section that you are poor in. With improving scores you will be more motivated. Do schweser readings for L1.

Do not neglect Ethics.

pre cfa era I was selling fried chicken

during cfa era I was selling cars

post cfa era I am selling bonds

which kinda sales you wanna be?