How to structure my studies so I pass with 3 months of studying ?

Hi all,

I am have been unable to study properly cause of my job and from march 1st I will be releaved of my duties . So I am planning on starting my studies full time from March 1st onwards . I would like some help from old timers on how to structure my studies and is 3months good enough for clearing the CFA L2 ?

Looking forward to a reply ,


You will need to study roughly 22 hours a week until the test on June 4th to hit 300 hours and have a chance to pass.

The hours are largely irrelevant in comparison to how you study (given that you complete the curriculum). Many people pass quite solidly while studying less than 300 hours, and many people fail while far exceeding 300 hours. The goal shouldn’t be time spent studying, it should be to score at least 75-80% on CFA Institute practice materials (EOC, online questions, mock exam) on the first attempt and without your notes. If you can hit this mark, then I think it’s fair to say you’ve got a good shot at passing. With a break from your job, you will certainly have enough time to pass if you stick to a schedule.

u actually have more time than some one who works at least 9 hours per day and started studying in december. so, dont worry about it.

Give or take you have 2 days for each study session (excluding ethics which everyone has their own way to study this part I.E at night, commute/ should be done in small amounts over a long period of time). I say you are in a good position if you don’t have to go to work until day of exam. However, like you, I am a level 2 candidate and this will be my first time taking it so idk how much my comment actually helps.

Cheers- Lostone